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Workout with Ron, your own on-line personal trainer, who just turned 77.


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Here's what I work on...


The ability of your muscles to exert force against resistance. Rebuild and maintain your bone density.


Your ability to maintain your centre of mass over a stable base. Protect yourself from injury.


The ability to move quickly and easily while maintaining control. Protect yourself from injury.


Your circulatory systems ability to move oxygenated blood throughout your body as needed. Keep your heart strong.


Your ability to move muscles and joints though their full range of motion. Your body was meant to move, not to sit still.


Giving your body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to live well. This is at least 50% of Fitness!

You Will NEVER Exercise your way past a BAD DIET!

The First Reason Why I do it!


The 2nd Reason Why?!

The signs of aging appear in our bodies in a very logical order, and we all experience them, or we will! The signs of aging are the things we see changing in our bodies as we get older.  Logic says you and I cannot stop these Aging Signs. But I can show you how to slow them down. Join me and age gracefully and well. The list below has things we see and feel happening every day of our lives. I think you will agree they work like dominos.

You can delay the markers of aging!

 Do it with me.

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