I am a senior working with and for seniors, and I need your help!

I don't have a group of computer people working for me to build this program, it's just me, and I want this to be as user friendly as possible. Only other seniors can help me accomplish that.

Your level of fitness does not matter. Whether you are new to fitness or experienced, this site is for you. I will show you:

 What I do, How I do it and Why I do it.

If you join me, I will show you how to adjust it to your fitness level, 

We can raise our Aging Curves together!


In return I ask:

  1. that you participate in the on-line fitness training (includes exercise and nutrition).
  2. participate in the community by sharing how you feel as you age.
  3. give me feedback on content and methods.
  4. provide suggestions you think will lead to improvements.
When you sign up, you will be given a link to download my app. 

Then you can have the course and all content  on your tablet or phone ...

and take it anywhere!



1) Get Ready for Fitness

For those 'New to Fitness'  (12 weeks)

  1. This course includes Ron's 4 Step Fitness Plan and a 12 week exercise program. If you are new to exercise and quite unfit, this is for you.

  2. This course will start you effectively pushing upward on your Aging Curve

  3. The goal for this 12 week program is to gradually increase your heart and lung capacity to support your body’s ability to move for 20 - 25 minutes a day for 4 - 5 days each week. You may want to run through this 12 week program a second time, but at a higher intensity level, depending on your fitness level. I will help you make that decision.

  4. Zoom/Video coaching sessions are included so we can meet as a group to discuss any and all issues.

  5. This is great preparation for you to 'Workout with Ron'.

This 12 week program will increase your aerobic capacity and get your engine prepared and will introduce you to a few basic exercise moves.


'Get Ready for Fitness' is for those with little or no exercise history for a long time.



   it is so important for you to get started properly. I don't want anything to get missed.

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2)  Work Out With Ron

For everyone! (ongoing)

Annual Membership!

This includes:

  1. Functional workouts for all fitness components, strength, flexibility, agility, mobility, balance, posture, cardio, and body composition.

    All to help you maintain your independence. All workouts are designed by a senior, for seniors.  These are my actual workouts. Remember my age (now 76) and that I am a senior too! If I can do these, so can you.

  2. New Workouts are opened for you each week.

  3. We work with and without equipment and focus on functional movements.

  4. All exercises have instructions to make them harder and easier. This allows you to set the degree of difficulty to your individual ability.

  5. The course includes a very practical approach to nutrition, from my Course work at 'Precision Nutrition', and The Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University.

  6. There is lots of yoga in everything I do

  7. An app for your mobile device so you can take your workouts anywhere

  8. Regular Zoom meetings to discuss your progress, keep you focused and motivated.

My motto is to : Move Better, Feel Better, Look better!


WorkOut with Ron is for all Seniors and boomers.

 If I can do this at 76, so can you!

$185.00 per year

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