The Best Tool To Communicate With Your Coach and Your Peers

The Zoom software is free and easy to use. 

Once You Are On the Zoom site...

the top of the page will look like the screen capture below. Click on the 'Orange Sign-Up Its Free' button. There are usually 1 or 2 of them. You will enter your name and password and download the client software. This allows you to participate in meetings hosted by others, like me.

Click To Zoom here!

Once you have your account and you log-in...

you will see the following screen capture at the top of the page. You want the small blue video camera icon 'Get Training', on the right hand side. 

That will take you to the screen capture below. 

Scroll down to see the videos available.  Watch the 'Getting Started with Zoom Meetings'.You will quickly see how simple it is to use this system. This is our method of communicating in our fitness courses.